Recurve Bow String 16 Strand Dacron B50 Endless Loop

Recurve Bow String 16 Strand Dacron B50 Endless Loop

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[WRI Recurve Bow String]

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  • Sold by AMO Length
  • Available in increments of 2" from 48" AMO up to 68" AMO
  • 16 Strand Dacron B50 Bow String
  • Classic Endless Loop style, waxed, with both ends tightly served as well as center serving.
  • Made by the experts at Western Archery

How to Install your new Bow String

In general, a new recurve bow string is very simple to install on your bow, and does not need an explanation beyond basic use of a recurve stringer. However, there are still a couple things you should know if you are new to the sport. For starters, not every recurve is manufactured identically, and even between two recurves that have identical AMO lengths, sometimes there can be a more dramatic recurve to one bows outer limbs. This may cause the string to seem shorter than normal as the string has to wrap around the recurves, and the brace height of the bow will be a bit more than on another bow with less dramatic recurves. In addition to issues like this which you don't hear much about, a bow string typically has a settling in period. What I mean by this, is that within the first couple hundred shots, the string may seem to stretch a bit, and your brace height may shorten 1/4" to 1/2" or so. This is all completely normal, and all can be remedied using the same method: with a couple twists! All proper bowstrings, whether endless loop or flemish, are made typically with a twist in one direction. If you install your bow string and the brace height is not quite as high as it should be, or brace height is too high:

  • Take the string off the bow using a recurve stringer.
  • If brace height is too short, twist the string in the direction of the twist.
  • If brace height is too high, untwist the string in the opposite the direction of the twist.
  • Two or 3 twists will suffice, than string the bow using a recurve bow stringer, and check brace height.
  • Repeat as needed until optimal brace height is reached.

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    [WRI Recurve Bow String]
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  • Manufactured by: Western Archery

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